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Things you should know...

-please arrive at least ten minutes before class begins: that gives you enough time to put your belongings in the front, grab your props from the back (we have mats, blocks, straps, and bolsters) and get centered in your spot. If there is anything your teacher should know about your practice, please tell them before class starts.
-wear clothing that is designed for both comfort and movement; it is helpful to tie back long hair and leave dangling accessories at home.
-our teachers are seasoned and experienced, and trained to adjust the body physically for you to best learn the poses, but if you prefer not to be assisted, just let the teacher know.
-we offer a credit back to your class pack within 8 hours of class; no shows will not be refunded.


For Yoga Classes:

For Lightwork:

-At Yoga on Pine, Lightwork refers to energy "healing" modalities (like Reiki and Sound work), offered either in a group setting or in one-on-one sessions. These modalities are gentle, soothing and although they are neither medical nor curative, they can be therapeutic and support healing, because they assist in restoring the body's natural  harmony and balance. When the term healing is used in the context of Yoga on Pine, this is what we are referring to. It can complement any treatment or therapy you might be engaging in because the relief of stress and the regaining of equilibrium in both body and mind can allow the body's natural restorative abilities to be enhanced. If nothing else, it is a beautiful offering of self care and stress relief that so many of us need...and deserve! 
-please wear comfortable clothing and arrive for your class or session ten minutes before the scheduled time, to settle yourself in. Reiki is a hands-on technique, so let the practitioner know if you prefer they not place their hands on your body ( it's all good-the energy flows anyway) or if there is a medical condition that could affect or inform your experience. Then, relax and enjoy...and drink lots of water afterwards to keep the cleansing and releasing effects going. 
-space for group events is limited, so pre-registration is required; cancellations within 24 hours or no shows cannot be refunded. 
-for 1-1 sessions, cancellations within 8 hours and no-shows cannot be refunded.  
-Yoga class packages cannot be used to purchase workshops or Light work ( but we do offer a discounted Lightwork 3 pack!)

  Need to get in touch with us?
 or  call/TEXT: 973-464-7267

First- We are so glad you are here!

Thank you so much for joining the YOP family; we opened the studio with the intention of creating a space to gather, to practice, to welcome and to create a community of like minded soujourners. Yoga is an ancient practice and a philosophy whose foundation lies alignment and structure (both in Life and on a yoga mat), so there are a few things we would like you to know so everyone has the best experience possible: 

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